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Why Do Fiat Currencies Have Value?

I have been chatting with David Glasner under one of his posts for the past few days about a fundamental question: Where do fiat currencies get their value from? Why can you exchange pieces of paper for food, shelter and … Continue reading

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Marriage, Poverty and Signaling

I often end up disagreeing with Bryan Caplan at EconLog. However, his writings tend to be thought-provoking and I find that if I spend some time considering what he says, I will frequently end up changing my mind on something. … Continue reading

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The case against mandating insurance coverage of birth control pills.

John Cochrane has a great article in the Wall Street Journal explaining why it doesn’t make sense to have your insurance company cover birth control pills. (HT Greg Mankiw) The argument is simple: Consumption of birth control is a predictable … Continue reading

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What is so important about manufacturing?

On my way to work this morning, I heard an interview with Gavin Newsom who was once mayor of San Francisco and is now Lt Governor of California. At one point in the conversation, he brought up the issue of manufacturing … Continue reading

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