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What Do Charter Cities Tell Us Of The Legitimacy Of Governance?

I want to indulge in a thought experiment. Let us envision that I am fabulously wealthy. (It is my thought experiment after all!) Using my fabulous wealth and moved by the profit motive and humanitarian desire, I decide to found … Continue reading

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Why aren’t there more women libertarians?

Julie Borowski (TokenLibertarianGirl) tells us it’s because women are slaves to pop culture and Cosmo is liberal propaganda. Steve Horwitz and Sarah Skwire (Bleeding Heart Libertarian) tell us it’s because Julie Borowski tells women they are slaves to pop culture. … Continue reading

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Watch Out For Political (In)Correctness

Bryan Caplan points us to an insightful essay by the philosopher Roderick Long on political correctness. There are two ways of letting political correctness control your mind. One is to reject viewpoints, not because they’re false, but because they’re politically … Continue reading

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The Absurdity of Capping Deductions

During the Presidential campaigns and now with the approaching expiration of the Bush-era Tax Cuts simultaneous with the sequestration cuts, a revenue-raising strategy is being bounced around: capping deductions. Now, there are some very bad ways to do this such … Continue reading

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Abolishing The Mortgage Interest Deduction On New Purchases Only Also Runs Against A Reliance Interest

Over at the Volokh Conspiracy, Ilya Somin talks about the possible abolition of the mortgage interest tax deduction. As many have pointed out, such an abolition would run against the reliance interest of current homeowners. When budgeting for a house, they assumed … Continue reading

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Matt Yglesias’ game theory is missing something.

Yesterday, Matt Yglesias treated us to a game theoretic analysis of the recent statements by John Boehner. I think he’s using the wrong model. By the end of this year, the Bush tax cuts are going to expire. That means … Continue reading

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Taxes as Payment for Services

When discussing taxes, there is a trope that seems to come back over and over again: we pay taxes in exchange for the services rendered by the government. Most commonly mentioned as services are infrastructure and the legal system. Most … Continue reading

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The Healthcare Continuum

I recently listened to the Affordable Care Act arguments before the Supreme Court. The legal arguments are very interesting, but I’m not a lawyer so I will try to stay away from them here. My bet is that the mandate … Continue reading

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Corruption and Politics

I just finished listening to a speech by Lawrence Lessig on the influence of money in politics. He is a very smart man, an eloquent speaker and if you get a chance to listen to him speak, it’s well worth … Continue reading

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What is so important about manufacturing?

On my way to work this morning, I heard an interview with Gavin Newsom who was once mayor of San Francisco and is now Lt Governor of California. At one point in the conversation, he brought up the issue of manufacturing … Continue reading

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