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Matthew Yglesias’ Strange Take On Bitcoins

Matthew Yglesias made a very strange argument about Bitcoins a few days ago. So if over time more and more people want to use Bitcoins to conduct transactions of various kinds, then the price of bitcoins is going to have … Continue reading

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The Unifying Force That Is Capitalism

I have heard countless times the trope that capitalism is an individualistic philosophy. That a capitalistic world is one where every man, woman and child stands alone. The critiques of capitalism are often fond of phrases such as: “No man … Continue reading

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Why I’m once again taking Brad DeLong off my reading list

When I first got into econ blogs, I put a couple of blogs in my RSS feed: Cafe Hayek, EconLog, Conscience of a Liberal and Brad DeLong’s blog. By now, my RSS feed is a scary monster which never gets … Continue reading

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The case against mandating insurance coverage of birth control pills.

John Cochrane has a great article in the Wall Street Journal explaining why it doesn’t make sense to have your insurance company cover birth control pills. (HT Greg Mankiw) The argument is simple: Consumption of birth control is a predictable … Continue reading

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What is so important about manufacturing?

On my way to work this morning, I heard an interview with Gavin Newsom who was once mayor of San Francisco and is now Lt Governor of California. At one point in the conversation, he brought up the issue of manufacturing … Continue reading

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A Primer on Tax Incidence Analysis (Part 2) — My wages are lower. But how much lower?

In part 1, I wanted to show that the burden of a tax is shared between the producer and the consumer no-matter who sends the check to the IRS. Once we know that there is a burden and that the … Continue reading

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How much should Buffett pay?

Well… That was unexpected. I open a blog and I get a link and an approving comment from Greg Mankiw! (Thanks Greg!) This is what I would call a win. Give me a second to bask in that glory… OK, … Continue reading

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Mankiw is right. Buffett is wrong.

Welcome to this blog. Well, let’s hit the ground running because there are things to be said. Unless you have been living in under a rock for the past 3+ years, you at some point in time have heard about … Continue reading

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