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Sometimes Gene Callahan Does Not Try Hard Enough

Gene Callahan argues that while evolution can account for many complex attributes, he does not see how self-awareness and consciousness could be the product of evolution. (HT: Daniel Kuehn) His post is brief, but my understanding of what he is … Continue reading

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Watch Out For Political (In)Correctness

Bryan Caplan points us to an insightful essay by the philosopher Roderick Long on political correctness. There are two ways of letting political correctness control your mind. One is to reject viewpoints, not because they’re false, but because they’re politically … Continue reading

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The Absurdity of Capping Deductions

During the Presidential campaigns and now with the approaching expiration of the Bush-era Tax Cuts simultaneous with the sequestration cuts, a revenue-raising strategy is being bounced around: capping deductions. Now, there are some very bad ways to do this such … Continue reading

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