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On A Difficulty In The Practice of Originalism

I have long believed that there is a difficulty presented by original meaning-style interpretation. As a software engineer, my first instinct is to use pointer dereferencing as an analogy, but I am not sure that will be helpful to my … Continue reading

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Matthew Yglesias’ Strange Take On Bitcoins

Matthew Yglesias made a very strange argument about Bitcoins a few days ago. So if over time more and more people want to use Bitcoins to conduct transactions of various kinds, then the price of bitcoins is going to have … Continue reading

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A Strange Definition of Authorized Access

Orin Kerr has announced that he is taking on a CFAA case pro-bono. The case seems to have all sorts of procedural and substantive defects on which I am not qualified to comment, but there is one substantive issue about … Continue reading

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Keynesian Policy For Those Who Don’t Know The Theory This is what happens if you explain Keynesian policy advice in a recession without bothering to explain the theory behind it.

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What Is An Imminent Threat?

NBC has obtained and released a copy of an Obama Administration Department of Justice¬†memo¬†which provides legal justification for the targeted killing program which the executive has been conducting. (HT Orin Kerr) Pages 6-9 of the memo describe a 3-part test … Continue reading

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The Platinum Coin

The hot topic of the moment is the Platinum Coin. If you haven’t heard of it, it is the idea that President Obama might avoid having to get Congress to raise the debt limit by having the Treasury mint a … Continue reading

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What Do Charter Cities Tell Us Of The Legitimacy Of Governance?

I want to indulge in a thought experiment. Let us envision that I am fabulously wealthy. (It is my thought experiment after all!) Using my fabulous wealth and moved by the profit motive and humanitarian desire, I decide to found … Continue reading

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Why aren’t there more women libertarians?

Julie Borowski (TokenLibertarianGirl) tells us it’s because women are slaves to pop culture and Cosmo is liberal propaganda. Steve Horwitz and Sarah Skwire (Bleeding Heart Libertarian) tell us it’s because Julie Borowski tells women they are slaves to pop culture. … Continue reading

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Sometimes Gene Callahan Does Not Try Hard Enough

Gene Callahan argues that while evolution can account for many complex attributes, he does not see how self-awareness and consciousness could be the product of evolution. (HT: Daniel Kuehn) His post is brief, but my understanding of what he is … Continue reading

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Watch Out For Political (In)Correctness

Bryan Caplan points us to an insightful essay by the philosopher Roderick Long on political correctness. There are two ways of letting political correctness control your mind. One is to reject viewpoints, not because they’re false, but because they’re politically … Continue reading

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