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Matthew Yglesias’ Strange Take On Bitcoins

Matthew Yglesias made a very strange argument about Bitcoins a few days ago. So if over time more and more people want to use Bitcoins to conduct transactions of various kinds, then the price of bitcoins is going to have … Continue reading

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A Strange Definition of Authorized Access

Orin Kerr has announced that he is taking on a CFAA case pro-bono. The case seems to have all sorts of procedural and substantive defects on which I am not qualified to comment, but there is one substantive issue about … Continue reading

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Keynesian Policy For Those Who Don’t Know The Theory This is what happens if you explain Keynesian policy advice in a recession without bothering to explain the theory behind it.

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What Is An Imminent Threat?

NBC has obtained and released a copy of an Obama Administration Department of Justice memo which provides legal justification for the targeted killing program which the executive has been conducting. (HT Orin Kerr) Pages 6-9 of the memo describe a 3-part test … Continue reading

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The Platinum Coin

The hot topic of the moment is the Platinum Coin. If you haven’t heard of it, it is the idea that President Obama might avoid having to get Congress to raise the debt limit by having the Treasury mint a … Continue reading

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The Unifying Force That Is Capitalism

I have heard countless times the trope that capitalism is an individualistic philosophy. That a capitalistic world is one where every man, woman and child stands alone. The critiques of capitalism are often fond of phrases such as: “No man … Continue reading

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I really don’t understand Matt Yglesias

Again, Matt Yglesias writes that the Republicans will cave and vote for Obama’s tax proposal. Of course, that’s possible, but his explanation makes no sense to me. And they won’t refuse to pass middle class tax cuts. It’s true that … Continue reading

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Quote of The Day

“No. I’m not interested in the real world. I am interested in the record.” -Associate Justice Breyer at oral arguments in Already, LLC v Nike, Inc

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Le Blog De Jean-Paul Sartre

This is immensely humorous and I can only empathize with the last post. (HT: Eugene Volokh)

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Why I’m once again taking Brad DeLong off my reading list

When I first got into econ blogs, I put a couple of blogs in my RSS feed: Cafe Hayek, EconLog, Conscience of a Liberal and Brad DeLong’s blog. By now, my RSS feed is a scary monster which never gets … Continue reading

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